BPO Business Process Outsourcing

We began offering BPO services due to many requests from our client companies.
Through our customer contact operations, we can also provide BPO solutions to process all sorts of data.
We will help your company realize improved operational efficiency as well as improved cost reduction.
Not only acting on behalf of your requests, we will also plan and execute solutions for your mission once we understand the total workflow of your business.
We can also give suggestions to improve daily operations and the quality of data, and provide support for a wide range of business processing.

More efficient in time and business, More cost reduction We have a lot of benefits in our proposals of BPO services

We can provide BPO solutions as well as contact center operations along with other services, as a one-stop solution for your business.Let us help you realize your mission, overcome challenges, improve cost reduction and the overall quality of your business performance.
Do not hesitate to ask about any project, big or small. We can handle it all!

Some examples of BPO services

Through our continued pursuit of reliable service quality, we can provide a variety of BPO services for your company with timely service and reliable accuracy.

Some examples of BPO services
Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison

For the Japanese market, some cultural differences need to be addressed when handling a Japanese EC site. Likewise, the same is true for other international markets.
We can achieve cost reduction by combining our professional know-how with offshore resources.

Through the operations of our Cebu branch office, we are able to realize significant  cost savings.

With our main BPO services in our Cebu office, and tasks required for Japanese clients handled in our Dalian office, we can improve cost savings for you.

Through the operations in our Dalian office, which has Japanese staffing, we can realize high quality and low cost.
Human resources, general affairs and accounting outsourcing.

Businesses that require specialized knowledge can also be operated at lower costs at our overseas offices.