Corporate vision header
tele-net thinks our services are not only providing services simply but also the heart of hospitality omotenashi that put our mind in every single action on the understanding your hearts and feelings for your mission. tele-net thinks feelings to the other leads the heart of omotenashi and so we believe that we respect each other and enhance your and our values. It is a mission that build heart-to-heart communication all over the world  through providing omotenashi high quality services as business.
Action Guidelines of tele-net
◆The active communication is the core of our services.
◆We have global perspective, evaluation standard, and accept actively diverse values.
◆We value the encounter and heartful communication for better understanding, and we will create long-lasting trust relationships.
◆We always propose valuable solutions more than could be expected with speed and energy.
◆tele-net has the aim to be a company with the goal from companies all over the world, always keeping our compliance severely.
Advantages of tele-net
●We believe we are the best about communication with heart-to-heart omotenashi.
●We never forget the spirit of the venture and the challenge.
●We do not say NO easily and we will try hard to the realization of your requests.
●We have the customer's point of view, and we can express and explain our service quality and structures carefully till you well understand.
●Our reliable relationships with people and companies all over the world can support global business chances.
Quality of tele-net
◆ We are sure to make no mistake and do accurate tasks
◆ We can provide contact services into consideration with pride and consciousness as professionals of high quality omotenashi service.
◆We think about it from your point of view and feelings, and then we can have practical applications that find the best solutions for your tasks with flexible ideas.
◆High customer satisfactions are gained through omotenashi services.
◆High customer satisfactions make client companies enhance their corporate value and achieve better results.