【Order Management】

Order handling can be provided for various mail order and direct sales channels.

【Brochure Fulfillment】

Complete handling of everything from requests for catalogs and other materials, to customer management, mailing list preparation, and shipping.

【Marketing Campaign Management】

tele-net can even have a last-minute campaign up and running quickly. Our wide range of services includes entry processing, data management, tabulation, and other support.

【Customer Relations】

Complete support provided for event reservation services, including handling of reservations by phone as well as by postcard, email, and other channels, along with data tabulation and data management.

【Complaint Handling】

Client companies receive detailed feedback regarding customer complaints, including customer opinions and requests, ensuring that such information can then aid clients in improving their services.

【Customer Support】

With the highly reliable systems we have in place, clients can rest assured that tele-net can go beyond ordinary customer contact services such as product descriptions and operating instructions, order data entry and changes to customer records, providing an even more sophisticated level of customer service.

【Help Desk】

tele-net also provides highly-regarded technical help desk services requiring specialized knowledge. Our processes are designed based on years of experience and results, enabling a reliable quality of communication and the ability to handle cases smoothly even when sophisticated responses are required.

【After-hours Services】

tele-net provides flexible services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year under a wide range of contract formats. A variety of support is available regardless of length of contract or time slot, including emergency response outside of business hours, short-term support during marketing campaigns, and support only during a client's peak season, when they may need extra help. Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us.

【E-mail Response】

tele-net can provide contact services via e-mail as well as phone.

【Fax Response】

A wide range of fax-based services are available, including incoming fax processing, data management, and data tabulation.

【Mail Handling】

A wide range of postal mail services are available, including incoming mail processing, data management, and data tabulation.

【Chate Response】

In addition to phone and e-mail based services, tele-net can also provide chat-based real time customer contact services.

【Product Recall and Other Emergency Services】

In addition to handling phone calls, tele-net can provide support for the full range of tasks required by a product recall, including informing customers of the recall, system linkages to manage the actual collection of products, and arrangements for shipping of alternative products. Based on our previous experience and results, we are also able to provide forecasts of call volume. In the initial stages of a recall, we set up a dedicated booth to ensure close communication with the client; once call volumes have dropped, we switch to a multi-booth setup, and can also suggest plans for handling longer-term operations and reducing costs. tele-net brings a sense of urgency to these engagements. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

【Incoming E-mail Management】

tele-net acts on behalf of its client companies in providing incoming e-mail services, including e-mail- based mail order processing and customer inquiry response, as well as receiving, managing, and when required, responding to e-mail from customers and suppliers

【Voice Prompt Design】

This service provides design and recording of automated messages and voice prompts. Using a tailored manuscript that includes proper company names and other information, our experienced communicators can create genuine messages for automated after-hours response and initial voice response for calls received during business hours. Talking speed, tone of voice, emphasis and inflection can be adjusted to suit each client’s needs.
Contact center Omotenashi is the key to boosting sales through quality of communication
Inbound Inbound services
> Description of Services  >Expert communicators and our proprietary Pit! System > Reassuring Security Measures
Description of Services Mouse over each section to view a detailed description. We are flexible in providing services other than those listed below. Feel free to contact us. Order Management,Brochure Fulfillment,Marketing Campaign Management,Customer Relations,Complaint Handling,Customer Support,Help Desk,After-Hours Services,E-mail Response,Fax Response,Mail Handling,Chat Response,Product Recall and Other Emergency Services,Incoming E-mail Management,Voice Prompt Design Expert communicators and our proprietary Pit! System combine to deliver smooth, quality services. Ensuring our communicators maintain maximum performance.

Dedicated groups of communicators are managed by the client company using our own computer system.
Group leaders monitor individual communicator calls and manage reporting tasks, while supervisors are directly responsible for client-related tasks, as well as attending to the emotional well-being of the communicators.
When communicators are mentally weary from long hours on the phone or handling complaints, the supervisor's ability to quickly follow up with encouragement, or suggest a break makes it possible to maintain a certain level of quality.
Another feature of the system is the whispering function, which enables group leaders and supervisors to provide appropriate advice, when needed, without the customer noticing.
This feature allows senior staff to monitor calls in real time, and provide swift, optimum instructions to any communicator who may be having trouble with a call.
Another original feature of our system is the ability to route calls outside of a group.
This ensures that the customer will not get a busy signal, even when all members of a group are busy taking calls.

Dedicated screens for each client company, as well as database and other services

"Pit!,” our proprietary contact center operation system, enables us to achieve error-free, accurate call handling.
When a call comes in, the system will automatically display that client company's dedicated screen, enabling communicators to respond while verifying information for accuracy.
Because the types of information (fields) required by each client will vary by industry and company, we design optimum screens for each group of dedicated communicators based on careful consultation with the client.
The goal of the system is to achieve as close to zero errors as possible, whether it be a failure to ask the right questions, or providing incorrect information to the customer.

Pit! Details of IT solutions utilizing the know-how of system development, please click here The tele-net Approach: A Focus on Detail Specially-designed headsets

All of our communicators use headsets specially designed with a 15-degree directional angle, developed by tele-net to ensure that customers won't hear background noise from the contact center during their call.
This completely shuts out all outside noise, while making sure that communicators can still converse with one another as required by their tasks.

Automated voice recording system

tele-net employs a system that automatically saves all communicator conversations as a voice file.
This of course helps to avoid common problems over who said what, but also allows the communicator to later reconfirm the details of any particularly challenging call, and use that experience in future calls.
The information can also be shared between communicators, and is accumulated as operational knowledge, helping us to provide even more precise, error-free call handling.
This recording system also keeps our communicators on their toes, in a positive sense, and is very useful in keeping them mindful of the need to maintain a crisp, precise approach to handling calls.

Reassuring Security Measures JIS Q15001 PrivacyMark certification obtained company-wide.

tele-net obtained PrivacyMark certification in May of 2004. Client confidentiality, the most significant concern when outsourcing, is strictly observed.
#JIS = Japanese Industrial Standards

ISO27001 (ISMS) information security management system certification obtained

In addition to the PrivacyMark, tele-net has also obtained ISO27001 certification.
We hope this serves to further reassure our client companies. #ISO International Organization for Standardization

From network security to entrance and exit controls

tele-net has other security measures in place to ensure clients are comfortable working with us, including confidentiality awareness training for employees, and entrance and exit controls at all of our contact centers.
★GPS Time Server
tele-net has installed a server that accurately maintains the time on all equipment in our contact centers by linking with an atomic clock signal, the most accurate in the world, sent from a GPS satellite.

Contingency Backup System/System Failure Response

In addition to its normal operational servers, tele-net also has at least two or more sets of identical equipment (including stand-by servers, etc.) as backup, in case of equipment failure or other types of emergencies.
The system is designed so that operations automatically switch over to the standby servers and other equipment in the event of a system failure, as part of our efforts to minimize the impact of such events on regular operations.

Backup Power

tele-net is fully equipped to avoid system outages in the event of a power failure.
Large-capacity batteries are always standing by to provide backup power, ensuring continuous system operations not just for momentary loss of power, but even during longer outages.