【Questionnaire-based Surveys】

Questionnaire-based surveys can be provided via phone, e-mail, fax, and direct mail. We provide complete support for the entire process, from questionnaire development to post-survey data tabulation.

【List Screening】

This customer list maintenance service is provided on a regular basis to ensure lists are always up-to-date, ready to be used at any time in all types of sales strategies. Calls are placed to the customers based on these lists, but with the appropriate script, the calls can be seen by the customer as an extension of the client's customer support services, further increasing corporate value and enhancing customer confidence.

【Direct Mailings Announcement and Follow-up】

By informing customers in advance of sending out a direct mail piece, we can increase their sense of anticipation and improve DM open rates. Around the time the piece has been delivered, a follow-up call can encourage the customer to open the direct mail, place an order, or apply for a service. Direct mail should not be a one-way street, and sometimes better results can be achieved by providing a small extra push. Please contact us for more information.

【Event/Seminar/Marketing Campaign Management】

tele-net offers services to provide customers with information about events, seminars, and marketing campaigns via phone, e-mail, fax, and direct mail.

【Sales Lead research】

We can obtain the information needed for new business development and sales strategy proposals, including individual and corporate names, phone numbers, and other data.

【Market Research】

For new and existing products and services, tele-net can prepare survey questions and scripts as well as conduct the actual survey.

【Awareness Surveys 】

tele-net can offer awareness surveys for products or services, including preparation of survey questions and scripts, in addition to conducting effective, conclusive surveys.


Comprehensive support for sales activities can be provided in the form of services to obtain appointments with potential customers and for sales support tasks.

【Direct Sales Order Procurement】

Using scripts based on the client's sales strategy, tele-net can make direct promotional calls to potential and prospective customers, increasing order rates.

【Sales Support】

We offer services covering a wide range of sales support tasks, from selection of sales call targets to pre-visit information gathering. Clients may also choose only the services they need. Please contact us for more information.

【Thank-you Calls】

We can also provide thank-you calls, positioned as a follow-up to a customer purchase or order. This kind of courteous service enhances client reliability and branding, and can result in increased repeat orders and contract renewal rates.
Contact center Omotenashi is the key to boosting sales through quality of communication 
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Description of Services  Mouse over each section to view a detailed description. We are flexible in providing services other than those listed below. Feel free to contact us.
Questionnaire-based Surveys, List Screening, Direct Mailings Announcements and Follow-up, Event/Seminar/Marketing Campaign Management Sales Lead Research, Market Research, Awareness  Surveys, Appointments, Direct Sales Order Procurement, Sales Support, Thank-you Calls
Proprietary outbound expertise and a focus on sales drives results Human resource development and management for everything in outbound services and telemarketing

The supervisors selected to oversee our dedicated outbound group, bring to their job a sales manager's perspective, skills and expertise in formulating strategy.
With a keen awareness that results count for everything in outbound services and telemarketing, we place particular focus on human resource development and management.
In addition, our experience in running contact services for over 4,000 companies has led us to the conclusion that a well-spoken outbound communicator does not necessarily make an outstanding outbound communicator.
In providing these services, we carefully select outbound communicators who possess the particular skills and attributes required in outbound services. Our goal is not to just process volume, but to deliver results.

Appropriate service design based on real-life numbers and experience

We design and operate the appropriate services for each client, based on detailed discussions prior to start of service, information sharing, and a full understanding of the client's objectives and circumstances.

【Customer Data Collection】
Includes listing and screening of targets.
【Communication Strategy Review】
Script development, operator training, preparation of direct mail pieces and questionnaires.
【Customer Database Development】
Transaction history, purchase history, attribute information, demographic information.
【Data Processing and Analysis】
Data mining, segmentation validation, and analysis
【Business Reports】
Business reports incorporating communicator feedback, accumulated knowledge, and
subsequent strategic proposals.

Paying careful attention to the customer contributes to results

Outbound calls are handled with great sensitivity, with conversations designed to provide maximum reassurance while giving full consideration to the intrusion the call may be posing to the customer.
Our many years of experience have taught us how to deliver smooth, effective contact services.
We gain the understanding and cooperation of more customers by imagining, as much as possible, their individual circumstances, and outbound communicators will ask themselves things like "What is the customer doing?", "Is this a bad time to call?", "What should my initial approach be?", "Are my manners perfect?" This kind of faceless sales approach requires extra care, and based on previous actual experiences and performance, we know what will help drive results for our clients.