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To date, tele-net has operated contact centers on behalf of over 4,000 client companies, and in doing so, we have brought IT to a wide variety of business tasks.
By combining that expertise with a flexible approach, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive assistance in developing IT solutions for any business situation, from improving operational efficiency to building systems that can generate new value for the client.
That being said, tele-net is not a system development company, and our perspective is to always maintain transparency with the client.
Using the expertise we've gained through past development projects, we communicate and negotiate with the system development companies on behalf of our clients, providing the support needed to ensure a smooth development process.

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The key point is the fact that this system was not created by a system development company. Our focus was on making the system easy to understand and simple to use for the people who really need it.
To ensure that the front end user interface used by the call center staff would remain simple and easy to use, while also being functional and convenient, we designed a system where all of the complex architecture and specifications would run entirely in the background. Install it with confidence.
The system was developed through a combination of expertise built through many years of experience in call center operations, and extensive interviews and interviews with and analysis of feedback from the operators and managers who actually use the system.
We've created a system that is easy for anyone to use, that won't tax your training resources, and which that you're sure to find simple!

By also providing a cloud-based service, we work to respond as quickly as possible to urgent projects.
Your system can be ready to use as quickly as the day after your order is placed.
Feel free to consult with us before you throw in the towel.
tele-net has developed the kind of system we want to use in our own call centers.
The results were so exceptional, and we want to share the system with other companies.
Everyone, including us, needs to improve operational efficiency in order to survive today's harsh price competition.
From records verification to post-call processing, we've eliminated all the unnecessary clutter, enabling you to conduct more calls faster and at a higher rate of efficiency and quality.

Installation fees are inexpensive, and with improved efficiency, so are operating costs.
As noted earlier, we built the kind of system we want to use ourselves. Development costs were within our budget, and there's no need to pass them on to our customers.
This is why we can provide the system at such a low price.
We hope you will use it to contribute to your own operations.
You'll find that using Pit! can improve call efficiency and reduce management costs.
The savings that you could reap from the system, could be equivalent to the cost you were paying for labor, or even for the whole running cost of the call center itself! It's an inexpensive investment which will provide maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.