security policy

Social media are powerful communication tools used by this company to notify more people, user and valued clients about our services, notifications and announcements.
For the purposes of this policy, social media is defined as media designed to be disseminated through social interaction,
created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques using the internet.
We will use your feedbacks, comments and opinions through social media into our business activities.

we obtained JIS Q 15001 certification

We agree to stand by all laws, especially, copyright/portrait infringement, any other regulations and company rules.
We promise to handle privacy protection with care.

We are always being careful about contribution of information in social media.
If we make mistake in a contribution be prompt in admitting and correcting it.

We do not upload post or forward a link containing illegal contents and such any other link that may lead to any abusive, obscene, showing prejudice, harassing, derogatory or defamatory and libellous content.

We take responsibility for the information sent to the public with full understanding of the characteristics of the information being sent out.
It is our understanding that an unspecified number of users can view the content and there is social impact which may spread throughout the world and what is written cannot be removed.


All transmission of information in social media does not mean the company's official announcement or view.
The said information is subject to change without prior notice.
For official information about the company, please visit our website.
We read every feedbacks and comments; however we cannot reply all of it.
We may utilize feedbacks and comments for our future business activities.
These social media accounts have the possibility of being suspended or terminated without notice.
We manage and comply with the using of personal information through social media properly.