Internet is a very common tool for business transactions in the world.
Using a specific website for business particularly through e-commerce is also an
effective way to earn profit for your business.

It is a fact, that it could be difficult to gain customer efficiently.
If you do not manage your business well in terms of understanding the product as a whole,
managing yourwebsite consistently, carefully monitoring your inventory and
ensuring excellent customer satisfaction, it will also be difficult to gain profit.

We, Tele-net Corporation, have experience handling different
types of buying and selling Industry for a long time.

We can give a total scope of support to Business Inquiries
related to e-commerce and website designs,Sales Promotions,
creating business systems and developing security systems,
client acquisition so that we can provide complete
Business Solutions to all their inquiries.


【Planning for e-commerce website】
・Planning , Design , Research , Analysis , Proposal

【E-commerce website creation】
・Direction , Compilation , Writing , Web sites design , Graphics design
Construction to e-commerce website design.

【E-commerce website operation】
・Data mining , Promotion , System management
Banner ad and Landing page design. product photography design. create e-commerce website Branch shop and Payment system.

【Shipping and inventory management】
・Storage of products that use its own warehouse , shipping , inventory management.
Dispatch from the picking of goods , centralized up to inventory management.

【Inquiry correspondence】
・Telephone , e-mail , FAX, by chat , support the ordering business.

【Arrange for warehousing and logistics】
・Storage tailored to the product location , perform the delivery of the proposed or actual business