With our extensive experience, we can provide additional sales support to increase sales for your company.

●When is the best time to approach customers?
●What is the most effective medium for advertising?
●What and how should we choose commodity materials?
●Why is this products selling well?
●How can we lead to up-selling?

We can utilize the information from data of our daily marketing research.
Please feel free to consult us about different types of data segments.

We can suggest what works best for various events, exhibition…etc.
-What is the reason for having an exhibit at a trade show?
-Who is your target market?
-What kind of customers are seeking your services or products?
-In order to have a successful event, what goals need to be achieved?

We are dealing with everything from distributing sample, implementation of monitoring, opinion survey to advertising effective Measurements. It's also possible to do research counting based on the scale of researching by our over 100 staff members.
We respond to do from a standard questionnaire survey and small group discussion.

We make survey slip by using of result of monitoring and sampling data of client companies.
We give you support for making survey slip in an optimal way based on sales strategies and target securities.

2. Researching
After testing commercial samples by monitoring staff, we will start researching.
Our staff will monitor promptly. Upon request, we will have group discussion for research.

After through analysis of monitoring test, we make a graph and a report.
In addition to the normal graph about monitoring tests, we can deal flexibly with cross tabulation and text mining.

We offer the result of researching and analysis data such as graphs or various reports.
Our proposal could be used sales strategy.