We provide a detailed range of contact center services through heart-to-heart interactions that place the greatest priority on a dialog with the customer.
Although attitudes, values, and personalities may vary widely from one customer to another, each of our professional communicators thinks, feels, and acts with the goal of providing every customer with the smoothest, most pleasant interaction possible.
Every conversation that allows a friendly local accent to sneak in, or brings out a bit of warm laughter, raises the customer's level of trust in the client company, and leads to enhanced corporate value. As communication specialists, we offer our services with pride and confidence.

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IT solutions

Over our many years of call center operation, we have created systems to handle a wide range of tasks.
That expertise can be useful in addressing system-related issues for our clients as well.
Having dealt with these issues ourselves, we are able to provide the services you want and the support you need, always from a customer-centric standpoint.


The data collected by our contact centers represents valuable knowledge that can be used in sales and product strategy and a variety of other ways.
Based on that data, we can provide a wide range of services, from marketing research and end-to-end production of exhibits, to product monitoring.


"Increased call volumes mean a higher closing rate!" This is one example of a principle derived from our contact center data knowledge.
We can suggest and execute plans for promotions that will get the phones ringing, proposals that make effective use of the web, mobile, TV, and other media.


Through our offices in Japan and overseas, we deliver business process outsourcing (BPO) proposals optimized for a range of issues, including type of task, cost, operational efficiency, delivery dates, and schedules.

Cost analysis

We can analyze your current costs—including insurance premiums, phone bills, bank fees, lease rent—to determine if you are getting the most for your money. If required, we can also suggest ways to optimize those costs.

Global services

Through our overseas offices, we offer a wide range of business support services to our Japanese clients who are expanding abroad, as well as for local companies, who require a variety of contact center services to meet their needs in each location.