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Multilingual services
Expert communicators and our proprietary Pit! System

As business becomes increasingly global, the need to deal with customers in multiple languages has quickly grown.
We offer 24-hour services in Japanese as well as English, Chinese, and Korean.
We provide quality services by hiring communicators who are native speakers of those respective languages.
We also plan to establish contact centers in other countries as part of our ongoing push to provide global services.

●We are currently providing services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

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●Deploying Services Outside of Japan

By shifting services between contact centers depending on the language required, tele-net can ensure that services are provided by communicators who are native speakers of that language.
Communicators are trained using our proprietary expertise, and taking into consideration the particular characteristics of each country, enabling us to provide trouble-free, quality contact services even in languages other than Japanese.
By communicating with our clients' customers around the world in the language they are comfortable with, our services provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

★In addition to providing multi-lingual support tele-net also offers a wide range of support services for companies entering overseas markets.
Please contact us for more information.

●Flexible, on-the-spot support for a wide range of situations

We provide flexible short-term, long-term and one-time support for individuals ranging from those who only speak Japanese, to those who speak only one other foreign language. Let us know your concerns.

▼Our multi-lingual services are used in situations like these:

at a hotel When customers arrive from overseas

Please feel free to contact us for further information and advice.

We offer multi-lingual support in a wide range of formats.
Let us know your issues and concerns, and we will provide a proposal that addresses them.