【Order Management】

We accept orders by telephone, email or fax.

【Ready for delivery】

We ensure proper delivery using a consistent flow of order information

【Inventory Control】

Our warehouse management system provides high level security to give our customer's peace of mind.


All products are securely stored in our own warehouses or affiliate partners' warehouses.


We design packaging to fit any items that you have ordered. It doesn't matter if the products come directly from the manufacturer, we will provide a complete, hassle-free solution for our client companies.

【Delivering products】

We collaborate with various companies to provide effective cost management, and will select the right logistics provider depending on freight contents and shipping destination.

【Business Report】

We provide reports for all contracts based on the agreed cycle. We would like to discuss your any concerns.

【Suggestions for Improvement】

We offer consulting and advice based on operational reports we create for you. We seek to improve various facets of your business, like customer satisfaction and cost saving.


We provide bookkeeping services like credit settlement, payment confirmation available upon request.

【One-stop Shop】

We can provide a complete solution, from launching your own E-commerce site to offering mail order service.

【Logistics Cost Analysis】

Are your current logistics expenses cost-efficient? Through our analysis, we'll define and improve areas where further cost savings is possible.
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<a id=Mouse over each section to view a detailed description. We are flexible in providing services other than those listed below. Feel free to contact us.
Order Management
Ready for delivery
Inventory Control
Delivering products
Business Report
Suggestions for Improvement
One-stop Shop
Logistics Cost Analysis
Provide total support for mail order
We can handle all kind of logistics
dioperation-from ordering to shipping providinga low-cost, fast and courteous solution. We also provide services for development of E-commerce sites, mail order handling, shipping, campaign planning and direct marketing.

【Customer comments】

• It was easy to start after I decided to implement a new distribution business model.

• The ability to partially subcontract some business processes was very helpful.

• Could achieve significant cost savings and lessen workload, rather than handling everything ourselves.

• Inventory variance and lost or damaged products were reduced.

• No need to worry about fixed costs like labor and electricity.

• Scaling of labor resources can be easily modified to fit the requirements of the project.